mixing the colours...

Your Favourite Memories, People or Pets Transformed Into Art

Bespoke art commissions that bring your vision to life

“I thoroughly enjoy creating pictures for others. I create them with as much thought and care as my originals. Commissioning a picture is a lifelong investment that I take very seriously.”

- Micah

I Offer 2 Different Styles:

Traditional – Oil on Canvas or Charcoal on Paper

Contemporary – Oil on Plexiglass with a mixed media collaged background and frame. The collaged background can be personalised with pictures and of your choice.

How Does It Work?


Send me your idea below! We can then have a conversation about it so I can understand exactly what you want.


I will need to work from a photograph. It’s best for me to have a few options as reference so I can choose which would work best. The photos don’t have to be ultra high quality – I just need them to be clear and well lit.


I will then ask for a deposit of half the final cost (with the remaining half to be paid on shipping/collection).


I will start creating your piece of art! I take lots of time to focus on getting it right and capturing exactly what you want. This process usually takes 3-6 weeks. For oil paintings, they need a further 2 months to dry before I can varnish them – this will protect them for years to come!


I will keep you updated on the process and once finished I will arrange delivery/collection.